Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hans Rosling: Religions and Babies

I have been very concerned about population growth.  I cannot see how the planet can sustain us all if the population continues to grow exponentially.

So I was very encouraged to come across this fantastic talk by Hans Rosling which looks at the subject of population growth and uses statistics that I found very re-assuring.

In particular I found it very interesting that his talk dismisses the assertion of some on the Christian right who claim that Muslims are going to take over the world by default via their reproductive rates.  He does not address the difference in birth rate between religions within the same country - which has raised fears of an eventual Muslim 'take over' in some Western European countries.  However I think this talk presents a lot of good information.  And I particularly loved the presentations of the graphs over time.

If you have trouble watching the video you could watch it over on the TED site:

If you want to see more from Hans Rosling and his mind blowing charts then I recommend you head over to his website:  Gap Minder

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Brett said...

Hans Rosling rocks!